+ What's on the menu?

As they say, I'm not a menu, but an experience.

I understand if certain things are important to you, please do ask away. But also please note that I will not list every acronym under the sun here and that certain acts are discretionary. I do not offer unsafe practices or a-levels. I do offer a range of other very fun acts, but you have to tell me first what you have in mind.

+ What about reviews?

These days, I have a strict a no review policy. If you want to spoil the fun of the unknown, you may easily find a story to two thru a quick google search.

+ Where will we meet?

Ideally, at your hotel!

Outcalls to a private residence may be available on negotiation and at my very own discretion.

+ Are you real?

I'm so very real. You can follow my antics over on Twitter.